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A financial adviser can help you achieve all your goals across your whole life by developing tailored strategies around your personal situation.

Quality strategic advice plays a key role in combining the various elements of financial advice.

At JSK, our advice isn't limited to helping you choose the right investments. Advisers that do this know what products they are going to sell you before they even see you for a first meeting. Nor is it limited to choosing the right asset allocation which will depend on a range of factors including your investment time frame and comfort with market volatility.

We believe that we add the most value through our strategic advice - that is recommending appropriate long term strategies to enhance the value of your long term wealth by assisting you in making the most of your opportunities in a tax effective way.

As part of our commitment to you, we aim to deliver appropriate advice, advice that is relevant to your particular circumstances. The financial planning process begins by discussing the lifestyle you have now and the lifestyle you aspire to, long before we examine the technical detail of how we can get there.

Understanding what you want to achieve from your lifestyle, allows us to focus our advice and develop a financial plan around the most appropriate strategies for you, not merely focusing on product selection.

It's about ensuring you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your financial resources are being used efficiently and effectively, and that your potential risks are covered. The process is cyclical too, and this means that financial planning isn't simply something you can do once and assume you are set for life. Things change, including your lifestyle goals, and your plan has to change to keep up.

We implement a range of financial strategies specific to your individual circumstances and this is where professional financial advice can really make a difference. Tax, debt, superannuation, protection and estate planning can all be particularly tricky but we can recommend strategies that will help you make the most of them.

And… our advice is ongoing. We revisit your goals and your financial situation on at least an annual basis, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you stay on track.


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