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The right personal insurance cover helps you and your family when the unexpected happens.

Enjoying life is all about living for today. But it's not always easy if you're worried about tomorrow. So, rather than worry about what may or may not happen, insure yourself financially and you can get on with enjoying life.

We provide you with access to a number of leading insurance specialists, selecting insurance products that suit your needs and circumstances. You can be sure all insurance decisions are driven by your needs.


So, while injury and illness will never be painless, tailored personal insurance means you can avoid impact on your personal finances.

What would happen …

  • In the event of your death?  How would your family maintain their financial position in the event of your death? (solution: life cover insurance).

  • In the event you suffered a permanent disability and were unable to work?  How would you maintain financial security? (solution: total and permanent disability).

  • In the event you suffered a critical illness which lasted months? How would you maintain financial security to enable you to recover? (solution: trauma insurance).

  • In the event of weeks or months off work due to sickness or injury? How would you pay your day-to-day living expenses? (solution: income protection insurance).



A couple aged 37 and 33 ¹ have a 54% chance of either a death,

total and permanent disability or critical illness

before the age of 65 ²"

¹  based on actual people, the example shows a male aged 37 and a female aged 33.  The couple have two children under 10.

²  sourced from MLC Limited

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