“For some time we have been frustrated at the prospect of not having spare cash flow which would allow us to commence an investment portfolio. We have both been aware of the need for us to invest money to ensure that later in life we have the finances to make lifestyle choices. When we visited JSK Wealth Solutions we were both amazed at the simple explanation John gave us about the opportunities available to us. Now 4½ years later, we are well on the way to repaying the principal owing on our mortgage much faster than we thought possible. We have effectively halved the time to pay off the debt in full and at the same time we have a growing investment portfolio. Thank you, John and Amanda, you have changed the way we look at our financial world."
- T&FR (ACT)

"After trying various banks we felt we were going up and down in the one spot. Your personal attention to our situation and easy to understand advice has allowed us to make informed decisions about our financial future. We have made minor changes resulting in major benefits. Thank you JSK Wealth Solutions for putting us on the road to financial success"
- G&KC (ACT)

"I conducted a lot of research into financial advisers before committing to JSK and have never regretted the decision. John and Amanda offer a level of personalised service that I never expected to encounter from a financial adviser. They obviously pride themselves on open and honest communication. John's flexibility in managing our finances has been greatly appreciated, especially with the addition of children to our family in recent years. John looked after us during this time and delivered excellent returns on our investments. This gave us the flexibility to make lifestyle choices which would otherwise never have been available. Through his expert advice and sound investment strategy we are still on track to have the house paid off well ahead of schedule. I highly recommend John and his team to any prospective clients who value sound investment advice combined with individual tailored service."
- M&JH (ACT)



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