Debt Reduction Solutions

Equity Power Mortgage Program

Equity Power Mortgage Program allows you to:

Unlock hidden equity ... increase your investment power by unlocking the dormant equity you have built up in your home and investments.

Get the big picture ... take control of your finances in one simple, flexible facility.

Be ready ... access funds quickly when you need to and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Tailor your repayments ... a wide range of flexible repayment options lets you pay off your borrowings in the way that suits you. In most cases, clients choose to maintain existing repayments.

The program accelerates the repayment of the principal you owe on your home mortgage.

Equity from a property can be used for personal or investment purposes and there are now set repayments so you are able to structure repayments in a manner that suits you.

Ongoing monitoring and six-monthly reviews are a mandatory part of any tailored financial process. You will always be kept informed of changes to legislation, your portfolio and other features, for example interest rates.

This program should only be implemented by experienced specialists so that the product is always used as part of a comprehensive and individual advice-based plan.





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